Sunday, January 19, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite (Google) Forms! Day 1- Simple Exit Ticket

I am challenging myself in this New Year to keep on top of my blogging! Things have been hectic, with Google Teacher Academy in December, finishing up my 5 Google Apps tests to become a Google Certified Individual, and starting my Supervisor/Principal program at NJEXCEL. Oh, and teaching every weekday!

Tomorrow, I am giving a presentation at our in-service day, which will feature teachers from Belmar, Spring Lake Heights, and Avon, as well as writing specialist +Nora Hyland , and our keynote address and sessions led by +Rich Kiker . With a theme of "Personalized Learning", my thoughts immediately jumped to Google Forms and how I use them to differentiate in my own classroom. So over the next week, I will feature one of my favorite Google Forms every day.

Day 1- Simple Exit Tickets
When I first learned how to use Google Forms, the easiest thing I could think to make was an exit ticket. Easy to make? Yes. Powerful? Definitely!

Many of us use exit tickets every day to collect formative assessment data from our students. Did they understand what I taught today? Were they engaged? Do they have an misconceptions about the topic that I need to clear up? We can learn a lot from these simple tickets out the door.
3, 2, 1 Exit Ticket

This Exit Ticket is one of my go to's. If I don't have specific content questions to ask, or if I just need something on the fly, this is the Exit Ticket I push out. It gives me data about what my struck my students the most, as well as where I might have lost them.

Like it? Make a Copy and use it in your own classroom!

Tomorrow's Form: Group Work Rating

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! This is a very useful blog as I am a deaf ed teacher using technology. Nice to find your blog.