Thursday, January 23, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Forms! Day 5- Test Review

So it's the day before a test or summative assessment. How can you prepare your students, review key terms and important ideas, and find out where each student feels comfortable or needs more help? Easy, use a Google Form!

One of my favorite features, aside from embedding videos, is the ability to make a multiple page Form. Many of my students have attention issues, and putting too much on one webpage can be overwhelming for them. Also, doing a huge review of many different problem types can be too much. So instead I choose the 3 most important skills or concepts that I feel my students need to be reviewed. For each skill or concept, I choose a video and add questions that review vocabulary and extend the learning to complete a problem similar to the types of problems presented in the video. Each video, along with the accompanying questions, has its own page.

On the final page, I ask the students to reflect on their level of preparedness, as well as what, if any, topics they would like me to review with them. This allows me to create flexible groupings for review, or create collaborative groups where students can "teach" the concepts to each.

How could you use this type of Form in your own classroom? Click here, "Make a Copy", and adapt it to your needs!

Tomorrow's Form: Reading Interest Inventory

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