Tuesday, January 21, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Forms! Day 3- Pre and Post-Assessments

Today's form is an idea that my friend and co-worker +Stephanie Travers came up with. She teaches 7th and 8th grade ELA, and found at the end of Unit 1 that there were some grammar standards to cover that weren't explicitly taught up to that point.

No matter what subject, we all come to that one standard that just doesn't fit the unit, but we know we have to cover. This is an example of a quick assessment that you can do before and after a lesson to demonstrate mastery of the standard.

This particular form we gave when reviewing the difference between active and passive voice. Though this is something that gets touched on here and there throughout the year, we decided to use this form before and after a lesson where we explicitly taught active and passive voice. Nearly 100% of students mastered the standard as measured by the form.

Want a copy of your own? Click here, and make sure you "Make a Copy" before you start playing with the form!

Tomorrow's Form: Youtube videos and comprehension/application questions.

P.S. Want to make your life easier? No need to have separate copies of the form. After your students take the pre-assessment, follow these simple steps to put their post-assessments answers on a new sheet in the same spreadsheet.

First, go back into your form and select "Responses" and then "Change Response Destination".

A new window will open. It will automatically select "New Spreadsheet". Instead, select "New sheet in an existing spreadsheet".

Next, select the name of the spreadsheet from your original form.

Finally, open your original spreadsheet. You should notice a new tab at the bottom, which will house the responses of your students when they retake the assessment.

And that's it! I might make a video demo of this later on, but for now I hope the pictures are helpful!

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