Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Tutorial: Turning Google Forms responses into Charts

Recently, I've written a few Computer Skills tutorials on Google Drive applications for  My latest tutorial was inspired by friends who were looking to create charts from survey results from a Google Form. While it's easy once you get the hang of it, there are some steps that require a basic knowledge of formulas in spreadsheets. Take a look at my tutorial from ! They have hundreds of tutorials and video webseries on a variety of topics- so check out some of their other material too!

chart options

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  1. Disappointed .... When I first started using Google Forms for a survey I was very pleased. The ease of creating the text and types of questions were straight forward. The graphics created were terrific ... until ....!

    When I deleted a row or column in the generated worksheet, it was NOT reflect, i.e.g, carried through to the graphic! The original graphic remained unchained. This is fine if you will never tweek your spreadsheet but how many times do you get it right the first time?

    If there is a solution to this problem, I would very much appreciating getting a reply.