Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Student Passwords- Or How to Stop "I Forgot My Username again!"

"I can't remember my username for Edmodo!"
"Wait, what was my password for Measuring Up again??"
"Is it my first name then last name, or last name then first name?"

Technology in the classroom is beneficial for all students. However, when students see multiple teachers, who all use multiple different websites, it can be a huge conundrum for any student, but especially for students in Special Education who may have memory issues.

How do we accomodate these students, and all students who get overwhelmed by the never ending list of usernames and passwords?

To aliveate the problem in my own self-contained classroom last year, I immediately went to Pinterest for ideas. I found teachers who had been successful with index cards rings, a different card for each username and password. I tried this with my own class. For the first two weeks, it worked well. Until the first student lost their ring. And another student spilled water on theirs. And another student lost just one card, but it was a rather important card. Clearly, this approach was not the best for students who have organizational issues.

So it was back to the drawing board! Just having changed to a Google Apps for Education school, my students were now experimenting with Google Docs. What a perfect opportunity! So, I shared with each student a Google Doc with their current usernames and passwords for specific sites.  Students have editting privaleges so as they use websites in other classes, they can add them to their lists.

Here is an example of the document I shared with my students. If you want to do the same, just Make a Copy and you're on your way!

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