Monday, January 20, 2014

There Are a Few of My Favorite Forms! Day 2- Group Work Survey

In an age that encourages collaboration, teachers need to be realistic in their expectations for group work. Is every group going to split the work evenly between each group member every time? No. Are there going to be kids who end up doing all the work on a particular day? Possibly. So how do we see these challenges, and then do something about it? Well, ask the kids!

Although students don't necessarily want to "rat" on each other, they are probably more likely to mention how work is being split and how their group is functioning when they are given you written feedback. This Google Form is useful in those instances. Not only does it ask students to evaluate their personal contributions, but the contributions of others and how much work was actually completed.

This is a rather generic Form, and could be easily modified to ask more specific questions and get more in-depth feedback, but it's a place to start! Click here to get your own, just make sure you "Make a Copy"! Let me know what you think.

Tomorrow's Form: Pre and Post-Lesson Assessments