Thursday, February 20, 2014

Google Form Tip: How to Prepopulate a List in "Choose From a List"

As I'm sure many of us know, even when you think you are well-versed in any aspect of life, there is always more to learn! Case and point- this trick from my colleague +Kevin O'Donnell . He created a Form  for his students in his 8th grade technology classes this semester. Students will work for the first 10-15 minutes independently on  After completing the independent work for that class, students will report their progress using the Form.

Upon first seeing the drop down boxes, I was shocked how much information Kevin had put in and thought of how much time that much have taken! Until he stopped me in the hall later that day and explained that he prepopulated the dropdown boxes using a list. Genius! What a time saver! View the tutorial below and find out how to use this time-saving trick yourself!

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  1. Hi, Melissa! Wow! How easy to populate "choose from a list." I never knew that existed. It is a time saver. Thanks for a great, to-the-point tutorial. I watched your presentation on Classroom 2.0 this morning, and I learned so very much from you. Thanks a lot!
    Keep up the great work!!!!